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Transforming how Investec uses digital
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It takes expertise on both sides to deliver strategic change.
Client industry
Our success
Transforming how Investec uses digital

Why customers thrive

Marvellous customer service doesn’t come easy even if Investec makes it look that way.

Few brands really, truly get personal service right. But Investec has managed to buck that trend with a version of banking that’s helped them and their customers thrive.

Investec’s brand marketing team foresaw a change in customer behaviour that would prioritise online experiences. Dare was brought in to help their business navigate these changes and meet these emerging needs.

Embracing the expert

Real business change impacts everyone, not just marketing directors with foresight. It can be tough and needs to be managed properly. Nobody really talks about stakeholder experience in the same breath as the customer’s but we really should. They’re the people whose support and passion help land our ideas and lay the foundation for success.


Delivering change

We spent 3 months drawing knowledge from across the global business to build a complete profile of Investec and their customers. We built a Dare Inside team to deliver that all-encompassing strategy which touched everything from fresh brand direction and design language through to digital delivery.

We built Investec’s strategy on data-driven user research; build measurement; and iteration into our agile sprint cycles to ensure what we delivered met every goal Investec required.

This work grew into a programme that transformed how Investec uses digital. For many brands, digital is an alternative to the face-to-face interactions on which Investec built their reputation. With trust and perseverance, digital became an asset for Investec’s strong customer service.


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