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There’s agency, there’s in-house and there’s the Vision Express and Dare model of Inside working.
Client industry
Our success
Transforming the delivery process

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the guardians

Vision Express are more than a retailer, they’re guardians of the nation’s eye health. In a sea of deal-driven frivolous competition, they’re ‘Vision taken seriously.’

We’ve placed Dare at the heart of Vision Express to help them deliver on that promise. The Inside model is much more than an in-house team. It’s a blueprint for business transformation that puts the customer front and centre.


A competitive

The Vision Express Inside team is a step change for the brand, what we like to think of as their competitive advantage. It’s their own slice of Dare, driving strategic change from within without losing sight of the day to day needs of a high street brand.

So far, we’ve redesigned how Vision Express manage and optimise their sight test booking journey. We’ve delivered a new careers site and corporate eyecare experiences. Behind the scenes, we’re constantly delivering tested innovations into a project backlog.

The talent to transform

Sometimes Dare works inside with a client; sometimes we build dedicated teams in our hubs. The results are always the same: heavyweight work that transforms behaviour, thinking and traditional models, produced by clever people trained to unlock value that help our clients thrive.

We’re helping Vision Express deliver their strategic vision for the next few years. This gives us the freedom to be inspired by their ambition, to explore, propose and produce work that goes far beyond our initial brief.

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