Driving change

It’s not often that you come across an opportunity to really make a real difference, so when a lucky person from Dare was offered a once in a lifetime trip to support a school in Kenya, we jumped at the chance to support them.

This week, Designer Naomi Desalegene is heading to Kianjai, Kenya to support a local school alongside the Live & Learn team.

Live & Learn(formerly Oliver & Learn) is a foundation set up by Oliver. It’s one mission is to alleviate poverty through supporting disadvantaged communities around the world, passing on valuable knowledge, improving education and passing on sustainable supplies.


Understanding a community

Here’s what Naomi had to say about how she plans to positively impact the initiative:

“I genuinely feel having the ability to help others is such an important aspect of life. My parents grew up in Ethiopia, so being able to make an impact somewhere that felt close to home was something I felt passionate about. I’m hoping to immerse myself in the Kianjai community, taking the time to truly understand them, to connect with them, in the hope that in the short time that I am there I can empower them to drive change but also better me as a person.”

To support Naomi’s efforts you candonate here.

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