Getting to know Sarah, Head of SEM

Sarah Galli is the latest addition to the Dare family, joining us as Head of SEM and will be leading the team on our Precision Marketing offer for clients. Hailing from our sister agency Aylesworth Fleming, Sarah has a rich history in delivering effective solutions for a plethora of B2B and B2C clients. Find out what makes Sarah tick. 

How and why did you choose a career in search engine marketing?

I originally worked in traditional marketing after leaving university, but, after a few years, I went into IT and worked as an Ops Analyst for JP Morgan as I wasn’t certain that marketing was for me. However, as digital emerged and there was a surge of websites and analytics tools available, I was hooked on marketing again. I think Google Analytics pulled me in initially, as I found all the granular performance and audience data available fascinating.

Search engine marketing is a fast-evolving area of digital marketing, and I think if I had another 10 hours a day to learn, I’d still never stop learning. I love that about the industry I work in.

How would you describe Dare to someone?

Dare is a place where everyone has a voice and is respected because of the unique skills and experience that they bring to the table. Collaboration is strong, and the team vibe is positive and encouraging.

What work are you most proud of?

In-italia.com – I started off as a freelancer for this company when I lived in Sicily for 3 years, initially just to undertake some copywriting and translation work. I ended up writing around 2,000 webpages myself, introduced them to Google PPC advertising, SEO and social media marketing, and saw it grow considerably over those years.

The best bit about it was that I got sent on resort inspection trips a couple of times a year and stayed in the most amazingly dreamy places all over Italy, got wined and dined… and got paid for it! It was a tough life! I also lived in Costa Rica for nine months around 10 years ago and volunteered for most of that time in an animal rescue centre. During most of my working days there, I was covered from head to toe in baby howler monkeys who are the cuddliest and brightest animals. We helped to raise them and re-integrate them back into the jungle.


If you were a plant, what would you be and why?

Probably a passionflower, or something that grows fast and goes in different directions as I’ve got a strong sense of adventure, lots of passion and hobbies, and not enough hours in the day usually! I am also happiest when I am exploring/in nature and in my garden, which is my own little nature paradise. We also have a campervan which is technically our second home!


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Through suffering we grow. Well, I wasn’t given that advice personally, as I have never actually met Buddha, but his doctrine has resonated deeply within me. I think every time something is difficult in life, I know that I will grow from it, rather than complain, feel sorry for myself or self-implode! And, it’s always true!

And what advice would you give to someone looking to break into the industry?

There are so many aspects of SEO to understand and apply, so I would say: practice, measure it, do it differently and measure it again, because it’s like chemistry - a refined mix of a, b, c & d can make a site explode, organically speaking that is, and only by doing it and measuring it will you find out what drives the best results. Anyone can build a site nowadays and test the fundamentals of SEO on it and use all the free Google and SEO tools to measure performance.

There is so much free training available in this industry to get your hands on, so make the most of that.

What's the weirdest habit you've picked up in lockdown?

Talking to my cats…oh okay, I did that before lockdown! I was furloughed for the first six weeks of it, and I had a lot of time and energy and came up with quite a few new projects for the home and garden. I think my husband actually called my line manager and begged them take me off furlough so he could have a rest! ‘Another project?’ I heard him say more than a few times! Otherwise, just trying to keep a good mental and physical balance, get plenty of fresh air and watch while the world heals itself.


What should we all be listening to or watching at the moment?

There’s so much good music about – Michael Kiwanuka is one of my favourite voices at the moment, also Leon Bridges and The Teskey Brothers - good soulful bluesy stuff. HBO’s series ‘I Think This Much is True’ with Mark Ruffalo was deeply moving, and ‘Succession’ was so gripping and probably not far from the truth when it comes to the most powerful media companies in the world. I love reading too; most recent and memorable reads include John Boyne’s A History of Loneliness and The Heart’s Invisible Furies; both are set against a gritty Irish backdrop and tell a compelling story.

Show us your self-portrait...


And most importantly - pineapple on pizza, yes or no?

Yes probably, but no, not in this house – hubby is Italian and would probably throw me out!

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