Your trusted Sitecore Partner

Dare’s work as a Sitecore Partner has allowed us to create some pretty amazing websites.

As a certified Sitecore solution partner, we work across a wide variety of projects and industries – including Wesleyan Assurance, Bloor Homes and Treasury Today.

We combine Sitecore’s powerful analytics and personalisation tools with insight-driven research to create engaging and interactive websites that keep your customers coming back for more.

Why Sitecore?

Favoured amongst enterprises for its scalability and security, this .NET based CMS is highly intuitive and is powerful enough to manage a whole range of complex issues. Sitecore easily integrates with third-party applications, while the Sitecore Digital Marketing System (DMS) lets businesses personalise content and track metrics for an improved user experience.

Why use Dare?

Because Dare is fully proficient in Sitecore, you can rely on our qualified team to help you with both your technical and marketing needs. We provide all our clients with the setup and functionality they need to enhance their websites, and give you total control over the tools you need to increase visitor engagement and fine-tune your insights.

Need more convincing? Other reasons include:

Sitecore supports multilingual content, so you can enjoy multiple languages across as many websites as you want

Manage anywhere from 2 to 20 user accounts for flexible workflow

SEO module allows your business to optimise your website effectively

Got an interesting project we can help with?

If you’re looking for advice or need to overhaul your existing CMS, we’re the people to speak to at

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