Diversity and Inclusion

Our mirror to ourselves

At Dare we have and always will be committed to creating a place of work that welcomes all people. 


Our role is to help brands connect better with their audiences. Having a diverse workforce is crucial if we are to do this well, as diversity of thought is essential in finding and creating better connections between brand and consumer. 

The only recruitment criteria we apply is that people must be exceptionally good at what they do and that they are nice. ‘Good and Nice’ has been our recruitment mantra since Dare was founded 20 years ago, remains so today and will remain so tomorrow.


Where we identify imbalances or unfairness we will actively work to address this.


We publish quarterly updates of the below statistics in the interests of transparency and openness. 


Overall Dare has slightly more males than females. 55% of our team are male, 45% are female.


The gender breakdown by seniority is as follows:


  • Head of Department: Male 27%, Female 73%
  • Senior level: Male 69%, Female 31%
  • Mid level: Male 59%, Female 41%


Our gender pay gap is as follows:


  • Head of Department: Males on average are paid 6% more than females
  • Senior level: Males on average are paid 2% more than females
  • Mid level: Males on average are paid 7% more than females



Our current BAME representation is 17% of our team.


Our BAME breakdown by seniority is as follows:


  • Head of Department: 18%
  • Senior level: 15%
  • Mid level: 18%


Data accurate as of our January 2021 payroll. This data will next updated in May 2021.

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