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Award winning launch of a new product in the FinTech sector
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Sharing the risk and rewards of fintech

Expanding the traditional working relationship to a flourishing partnership with LOQBOX.
Client industry
Our success
Award winning launch of a new product in the FinTech sector
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Giving credit
where it's due

From the very start we knew LOQBOX was onto a winner.

Driven by the belief that financial inclusion should include everyone, LOQBOX helps people build (or rebuild) their credit history and boost their borrowing power for free.


Building trust and
increasing conversation

We believed in the idea and we believed in their ability to deliver it. Let’s be honest here, we also saw an opportunity for LOQBOX to do something transformative in a cluttered fintech space that we wanted to be part of.

But great ideas fail every day and it’s got nothing to do with the passion of their founders or the purses of their investors.

LOQBOX needed more than an agency. Our LOQBOX partnership isn’t your typical agency-client relationship.


outside the BOX

Originally we helped get them off the ground and in a position to successfully acquire £500k in investment. It’s beyond that point where our relationship has flourished.

It hasn’t been easy; startups rarely are. But Dare has been a consistent, supportive presence in the LOQBOX journey. Our role, to bolster their team with strategic and digital expertise, has helped LOQBOX grow their audience and their profile.

Dare isn’t an incubator. We don’t even have a formal innovation scheme. But we can, for the right people, deliver more than a project. For some, the ones who speak to us at a visceral level, we’ll find a way to make a partnership work.

In the early days, we made a decision to share some of LOQBOX’s risk because it felt like the right thing to do. In the wake of a partnership with TSB and, gold in the Financial Inclusion category at this year’s DigitalAgenda Impact Awards and tens of thousands of people helped in their first year.

"The advantage of working with Dare is their depth of knowledge and understanding. When we were initially selecting a partner we spoke to many agencies and no one else could offer the blend of experience, entrepreneurial mindset and engaged attitude.
There just wasn’t anyone coming close.

Each member of the team has taken the time to understand what we are trying to achieve as a business. That level of interest has led to a truly brilliant partnership.

We are looking forward to a long and exciting partnership with Dare. I don't think it's overstating the point to say we wouldn't be where we are today without them."

Thomas Eyre



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