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Social long distancing - The Tour Dare Ride 2020

Jack rounds up another successful edition of Tour Dare Ride

We did it!

Just like most things in 2020, this year’s Tour Dare Ride (our annual charity cycle in memory of two late colleagues) didn’t quite stick to the plan.


Our initial ride to Bristol in June was hit by the first lockdown, then our rejigged plan of a one-dayer to Whitstable as a team in September was hit by the (then) rule of six. 


We were determined to complete the ride one way or another to remember our colleagues and also to raise important funds for the amazing charity The Compassionate Friends. (We’d also already pressed go on the custom jersey order!)


We split into smaller teams and plotted our own routes of 80 miles (the equivalent distance of our Whitstable route).


Friday the 25th September came around and most of us (some avoided the almost gale force winds and rode a day or so before or after) donned our striking yellow jerseys and hopped on the saddle. 

TDR-wrapup-BLOG 01.jpg

A real team effort

The individual teams agreed to keep the others updated on progress throughout the day. The atmosphere and good feeling in the group was incredible and a real breath of fresh air after half a year of semi-isolation and working from home. We joined in each other’s excitement at setting off, wowed at amazing views en route, drooled at each other’s food stops (of which there were many!), egged each other on at the difficult moments (of which there were even more), and of course celebrated the many completions of 80 mile routes. It was as close to a full team effort as you could get in these strange times.

TDR-wrapup-BLOG 02.jpg

Thank yous!

Huge shout outs to the following cyclists who completed their TDR 2020: Andy B, Tom B, Louise I, Jourdain C, Jordan B, Jake K, Henry P, Sasha C, Ben C, Charlie P, Ron N, Brian N, Robin B, Nathalie T, George K, Jack P, Tom P, Nick M, Alistair V, Matt C, Jamie R, Kirsty G, Chris D, Chris W, Rebecca O, Beth O. Together we completed over 2000 miles. 


Also a huge thanks to our clients Clyde & Co for their kind sponsorship of our yellow jerseys.


Also to the organisers (you know who you are) and Dare for the support - thanks to your ability to adapt we actually made it happen!


At the time of writing we’ve raised just shy of £7400 (including Gift Aid) for the charity, if you’d like to top this up to help us reach our goal it’d be hugely appreciated.


May the Tour Dare Ride be a tour de force for many years to come…

TDR-wrapup-BLOG 03.jpg

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