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Designing an award-winning consumer website for BMW.
Client industry
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Brand new second hand

The experience of purchasing an Approved Used BMW varied greatly from buying new.

Customers were frustrated, having to navigate an experience that felt less than premium. Cars were sold in the time it took to book a test drive, different models were proffered and customers felt a loss of the gravitas associated with buying into BMW.

Global reach comes at a price

It’s a common problem with global brands. Expanding experiences are hard to control.

Few have the capacity to oversee every franchisee and third party provider intent on putting their own spin on things. Central teams can’t contain this sprawl on their own.


Making aspiration a reality

BMW tasked us with improving the process of locating and buying an Approved Used BMW. This meant working closely with a network of approved retailers to understand, coordinate and simplify multiple systems into one, seamless service.


Designing a premium experience

We used data to connect the dots between retailers and customers, between BMW as an aspirational brand and the reality of buying an Approved Used BMW.

We could go into minute detail about CRM and aggregate feeds and genius data tracking that told us where any car was at any time, anywhere in the UK. It’s these solutions, at the intersections of data and design that deliver a premium experience.

1+ million

weekly page views


visits resulting in an enquiry

What success looks like

BMW called our development of the Used Vehicle Locator “amazing”. Subsequent iterations of the site, capitalising on user performance data helped to further enhance that experience.

It even won Manufacturer Used Car Website of the Year from Car Dealer magazine just months after it launched.

Which was nice.

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