Celebrating LOQBOX and our BIMA Awards win

It’s always nice to win an award. After more than a decade in the game we’ve amassed a fair few. And while we love all our awards equally, a select few have a special place in our hearts.

Last week we won a BIMA Product and Service Design award for the Impact of our work with LOQBOX.

LOQBOX make it easy for people to sort their finances out, repair the damage done by irresponsible lending and give people, sometimes new to this country a foothold in society. We make it easy for LOQBOX to do their incredible work.

Our CEO Michael Olaye had this to say about the win: “The exciting thing about the award is that it recognises how effective we’ve been in hitting the sweet spot of organisational, business and industry impact.”


It's kind of a big deal

The BIMA Awards are the UK’s longest standing and most prestigious digital awards. With their support, the British digital sector is pushing the limits of what is possible, making a difference in business, culture and society.

You can read more about LOQBOX here.

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