How working from home has impacted agency life

Like thousands of other companies across the land, March 17th 2020 was the last day many of us here at Dare stepped foot inside our office at 151 Rosebery Avenue. In fact, it’s the last time many colleagues physically saw one another at all.   


As the nation enters lockdown for a third time and we close in on the one year anniversary of ‘working from home’, we asked two members of the Dare team to evaluate how the shift to working from home has impacted them, their teams and the agency as a whole. 

Janey MacRae,
Client Services Director

For me it’s ultimately forcing us to be more deliberate and explicit in our actions. When we’re in the office many things happen organically like a catch up with the department or a project team.


Without f2f interaction these organic discussions don’t happen so we’re forced to make these more formalised, with management meetings multiple times a week, department catchups more often and a need for project teams to have calls many times a day.


I’m looking forward to moving to a more hybrid style of work where we can take the benefits of efficiency of working from home to get more done on key days, but then also see each other face to face to build relationships, socialise, keep our culture - and also have a bit more fun!

Arnaldo Boico,
Creative & Design Director

The first few weeks were very challenging. Remote working, at this scale, was a completely new thing for us all. But, after a month or two, we slowly got into a rhythm and started to reorganise ourselves. 


Meetings proved to be a sticking point as we all adjusted to working from home. Throughout this last year, everyone has been forced to arrange or attend a much higher volume of meetings than normal. This has been challenging, as the time left in the day to actually produce work has been compromised. 


The solution has been to try and make these meetings as efficient as possible. As an example, the creative team has a catch-up on a Monday morning to discuss the week ahead and ensure everyone is on the same page. On Fridays, we’ll join for a longer session where we review the week’s work between us. Feedback on work has become even more important now that we are all working remotely. 


Whilst it has been a very challenging time, I feel like everyone has coped really well throughout this crazy period. In fact, it feels like the team is delivering work in a faster and more concentrated way. I’ve been amazed at how well we’ve pulled together to keep producing great work remotely. In a weird sort of way I think we’re more connected as a team now, than before.

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